The Sky of My Memory

The Sky of My Memory
Silver leaves and acrylic on canvas, prints on paper in showcases, installations and vidéo (11’)

The geography of happenstance: fifteen years ago, I settled in Cologny. This is where my son was born, where he grew up. This is where the essential took place.

Every day, during his childhood, we would go for a walk along the La Belotte port, the lake, pebbles, and changing skies of which have become the scenery of our lives. On that short path, at the water’s edge, and through the fresh eyes of the child, I renewed my living relationship with the world: wonder.

What remain today are the memories. What remain today are fifteen notebooks, as well as three markers of time and, paradoxically, of immobility: the lake, the sky and the pebbles. These are the signs I have drawn on in creating this exhibition, between roaming, reflections, wrenches, and fighting against absorption.

Beyond personal memories, it is on this walk and to this twofold question that I invite the visitor: What is memory, what is it to be in the world?

Time erases all as the waves erase
Children’s works on the levelled beach
We’ll forget these words so precise yet so vague
Of which we sensed the infinite behind each.

Extract from a poem by Marcel Proust, written in his youth (I Often Contemplate the Sky of My Memory)

Manoir de Cologny – 01/10 – 11/10 2020
Private collections


For this exhibition, a book has been published : Le ciel de ma mémoire
4 août 2008 – 26 juillet 2020