The Sky of My Memory

The Sky of My Memory
4 August 2008 – 26 July 2020
340 pages
n° ISBN : 978-2-9574440-0-7

This collection was not originally planned.

On the occasion of an exhibition1, I was preparing for the Manoir de Cologny, I immersed myself once more in the diaries I had written since August 2008 and which recounted, almost daily, my life in Cologny. This is where my son was born, where he had grown up. This is where the essential took place.

At first, I had only intended to extract a few phrases that I wanted to write on photos of the sky, accompanied by small pebbles that I had collected by the lake, not far from the house. But the text rapidly took on another dimension. Although it was still a question of choosing phrases, fragments and not rendering the text in its totality, little by little a lengthy document took shape: an accumulation of brief moments, sweet, poetic, and tragic, which had made up my life over time.

This is how this collection presents itself: as a long poem, testifying to the fragility and beauty of our existence.


1 Exhibition, The Sky of My Memory. Centre Culturel du Manoir, Cologny, Switzerland. From 1/10 until 11/10/2020.