Madame Bovary, fragments

Madame Bovary, fragments
Video – 24 minutes
Installation – various dimensions

Continuing her examination of narration in film, Michaux proposes a work on literary adaptation.

In this work, she looks at the artistic legitimacy of film and its affect on literary heritage.
Michaux chose Flaubert’s Madame Bovary because the work has often been adapted for cinema.

The story of Madame Bovary also reflects the artist’s analysis of the relationship between fiction, reality and autobiography.

In the film, the artist looks at literary adaptation through ten extracts from the book and makes a silent film coupled with collage.
The video is shown on a table with a copy of Flaubert’s work annotated by the artist. Viewers/readers are confronted with their own feelings about the work through the different mediums.

Production: Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains
Exhibition: Panorama 3, salon du Prototype. Curator, Christophe Kihm
Film selected in 2003 for the Festival de l’Encre à l’Ecran in Tours