When the Wind Blows Through Us

Composition of four “windows”

The swimmer facing the sea

Sea and stones

The pines

The walking man

When the Wind Blows Through Us
3 copy series Collage – Gold leaves 23 carats, canson paper, print on japanese paper – 4 x 40 x 60

Each “window” is constructed according to the principles of mise en abyme, using a photogram taken from an amateur film. The gold leaf rectangle, weightless in the decor, establishes itself in the image as a space of absolute light, whereas the photogram itself, with the same frame value as the golden rectangle, is mirrored above it.

A play of contrasts between the dark, the light, and the representation of a space, this work examines the composition of the image — light, space, and time.

Exhibition : artgenève 2018 – Galerie Patrick Gutknecht
Private collection