What Will Remain of Obscurity

What Will Remain of Obscurity (Ce qui restera de l’oubli)
Installation, sculpture, video, ink, and texts and prints on paper, gold leaves

This exhibition takes as its starting point a home movie, a series of segments filmed by a man, unknown to us. The only thing we know for certain is that he lived in Nice, between 1927 and 1944.

Some children parade back and forth on a balcony, in front of a camera. The man films them in the same way, over a period of many years. The children grow up, and we take pleasure in recognising them. And then, one day, the filming stops. Why? What happened to them? We will never know, and yet there they are, facing the camera, their gazes meeting ours.

Emmanuelle Michaux has worked on this little piece of footage, which represents the very essence of our relationship with time, through a number of different mediums — sculpture, poetry, photographic prints, ink on paper — with the aim each time of questioning the connection between the memory of beings and art: the possibility of eternity.

andata.ritorno Laboratoire d’art contemporain – Joseph Farine – from 11 April 2019 to 4 May 2019