First Signs

Faces and Landscapes

Inkjet print on various papers (Canson, Japanese, Rosaspina), 23-carat gold leaf, Indian ink, acrylic paint – Various sizes

The Naked Souls

Black acrylic paint on canvas, gold leaf, Indian ink – Various sizes


Pages taken from a 1941 original Gallimard edition of the book Mélange, by Paul Valéry, Indian ink and 23-carat gold leaf – Work 18.3 × 11.5 cm, framed 24 × 30 cm

Send Me Your Presence

Series of five wooden boxes, Canson paper, vernacular photographs, stones from the Salève with 23-carat gold leaf – 11.3 × 16.5 cm


Glass globe, gilded bone, feathers, mirror – 15 × 27 cm

The Egg Hunt

Series Dans amateur, il y a aimer [The French word amateur stems from the word “to love”, aimer], 1’22” video from a 1930 anonymous amateur film

Installation of Stones

Stones from the Salève with gold leaf – Various sizes
First Signs

To me, asking about the origin of life is a bit like asking about the origin of art.

Perhaps, at first, we can see the signs.

First signs of life
First signs, first traces, of art

Shards of gold on rocks pounded by the waters, as at the beginning of the world.
Traces of gold on the surface of canvasses, like naked souls on the walls of caves.
Faces and landscapes, fleeting signs of life, like so many pebbles strewn across the paths of the Earth.

If poetry is written in a language of signs, then it is from all these signs together that our world is formed.

A little girl can race against time.

Primeval signs can be written over the words of Paul Valéry.

Gold can illuminate our mineral world and the faces of the nameless forgotten.

The revelation of art is originary.

Exhibition space: Art Now projects gallery – Carouge,  From 18 May to 24 July 2022
Private collection