The Stones Are Part of the Path

The Stones Are Part of the Path
Collection of 22 poems
60 pages
First edition 51 copies
ISBN: 978-2-9574440-1-4

I do not know exactly when I composed these poems. Some of them are dated, others are not, but it is a certainty that my life was punctuated by them between 2008 and 2018. They are the stones, white or black, that have marked my path along the way. Today, something is different. I would not be able to say what, but I no longer write like that; the poems belong to an era, to another lifetime. The path goes on, but its landscape has changed.
To bring them together, to combine them, and to tell a story with them, the better to offer them up and give them up: that is the purpose of this collection.

I offer words, in danger
As pieces on too vast a chessboard
Emptiness is fear
Why apprehend?
Anything goes
Let oneself glide along on an ant
And depart, as well
For the sky, the water, or the trees
Melt away, laugh
Acceptance of rain and of death

Extract from the poem The Last Day


22 inks, accompanied by 22 stones collected from the walkways of the Provence and illuminated with a golden brilliance, were exhibited on the occasion of the collection’s publication, on 23 September 2021, in Geneva.